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Keywords to disable listening:

The following keywords can be used if the routing entries need not be accessed directly,
e.g. they are accessed via "autologon clients" or the REVPR keyword.
Especially useful for rules with TCP port 445 when the Server service cannot be disabled.

NOFWDLISTEN ... Do not listen at all "forward" rules (this keyword is valid only at manage entries).
NOLISTEN ... No listening for this rule.
STOPLISTEN ... This rule and all following rules will not listen.
Hint: If STOPLISTEN should be active only at specific nodes (NODE keyword), a separate deny rule with STOPLISTEN and NODE can be used.
STARTLISTEN ... Restart listening when it has been stopped by keyword STOPLISTEN.
LISTEN ... Listening for this rule (overrides NOFWDLISTEN, NOLISTEN and STOPLISTEN).

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