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RDP Drive Redirection:
When .RDP files are generated by autologon clients drive redirection is disabled. See template drivestoredirect setting.
This can be overwritten by the ClickOnce parameter rdpd or the keyword RDPD.
The value is a list of drive letters, * (all drives including DynamicDrives) or "DD" (for DynamicDrives: Drives that I plug in later) separated by | e.g.
rdpd=C|E ... redirect drives C and E
rdpd=* ... redirect all drives including DynamicDrives
rdpd= ... no drive redirection
RDPD:C|DD ... redirect drive C and DynamicDrives
If the parameter rdpd is inserted in the ClickOnce Link, the keyword RDPD with the same value will be inserted into the manage routing table entry.
The keyword RDPD may be inserted into any manage routing table entry.
If the RDPD keyword has been specified any RDP shortcuts are generated and modified to achive the desired drivestoredirect RDP settings.
If any RDP shortcut is started by ApplicGate it will be modified before start according to the actual RDPD setting.
If the ClickOnce parameter rdpd and the keyword RDPD are not specified the drivestoredirect setting of the RDP file will not be changed.

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