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ApplicGate WebView

ApplicGate WebView is a web browser based on "Microsoft Edge WebView2".

- Independent of any Edge settings
- Optimized for the ApplicGate Autologon Client
- Distributed with the AppliGate Autologon Client (no installation necessary)
- When ApplicGateWebView is selected as browser ApplicGateWebView.exe and the subdirectory runtimes will copied into the default directory.
- For security reasons access is limited to localhost (http and https), ApplicGate and Microsoft URLs (only https)
- Home button to go back to the start Window of the Autologon Client

- The App "Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime" must be installed.
- Normally this App is installed already because it is used by various Apps e.g. by Microsoft Teams.

Selection of ApplicGate WebView for the Autologon Client:
- Menu "Stop&Restart", "Change ClickOnce parameters...", "Local browser selection" or
- ClickOnce parameter browser=applicgatewebview

If ApplicGate WebView is selected as browser and if the WebView2 runtime is not installed the ApplicGate Autologon Client choses Microsoft Edge as browser.
The installed version of the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime can by seen via menu "Status", "Information"
ApplicGateWebView can be exported manually by following command line (targetdirectory is optional):
ApplicGate.exe /ExportApplicGateWebview=targetdirectory

User Data Folder of Webview2:
- This folder is used to cache data and settings such as OAuth2 credentials.
- In ApplicGate WebView there is a button to clear all browsing data.
- The default folder is the subfolder ApplicGateWebView.exe.WebView2\EBWebView of the folder where ApplicGateWebView.exe is located.
- This folder will be copied if a new version of the ApplicGate Autologon Client is installed via ClickOnce
- The location of this folder can be changed via registry settings:
-- The type of the value ApplicGateWebView.exe is REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZ, e.g. ApplicGateWebView.exe=%USERPROFILE%
-- User specific:
--- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\WebView2\UserDataFolder\ApplicGateWebView.exe=folder
-- System wide:
--- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\WebView2\UserDataFolder\ApplicGateWebView.exe=folder

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