(v11.2.8535.40794 started 2023-05-15 20:46:16 on VM2)

Keyword SCST ... ShortCutSTart (for manage and status entries)

When clicking links in the UID and Shortcut fields ApplicGate starts the Explorer to show directories or it starts the shortcut (.bat, .rdp., .vnc are supported).
GatewayIP addresses will be corrected to reflect the actual status.
This works perfectly with any browser.
Without keyword SCST the browser has to start the files and very often this is blocked because of security reasons.
- e.g. Edge Chromium does not support "file:" links.

- ApplicGate must be able to read read the "file:" links or locally generated files (for autologon clients), "http(s):" links are not supported.
- ApplicGate must be able to interact with the desktop: Start ApplicGate via the desktop or as scheduled task with "Run only when user is logged on" selected.

- If ApplicGate runs as scheduled task with "Run with highest privileges" selected and network shares have been mapped via a .bat file started by ApplicGate (keyword SCST):
- Access to these network shares is allowed only for programs running as administrator.

Best practice for autologon clients:
If the autologon client can reach and should use a central file store for shortcuts:
- Store shortcuts on file shares, e.g.linkToDocumentation within keyword UIDN is file://Share1/Projxx
- Use the keyword SCST and SCSH to access the file share by ApplicGate
- and let ApplicGate start the shortcuts after IP address adjustment.
If the autologon client cannot or should not use a central file store:
- Let ApplicGate generate the shortcuts and specify the keyword SCST to start the shortcuts by ApplicGate.

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