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Redundant configuration for autologon clients:

Chose a second server (e.g. cloud service somewhere in the Internet):
- Implement Application Gateway on this server
- Configure it like a backup AppGW to retrieve the configuration files (routing table, group table and OTP list (if configured)) from the primary AppGW:
... AddressOfPrimary: Address of primary AppGW including port
...... Hint: Route the connection via an additional rule if primary AppGW needs client authentication
... BackupState: -1 (0xffffffff) .. gateway runs as primary
... MinTableLoad: -15 (0xfffffff1) ...load configuration from primary every 15 minutes (independent of state of AppGW)

Helpful settings to configure the second AppGW:
- Keyword NODE to specify where routing entries are active, because primary AppGW and second AppGW need some different settings.
Use following keywords for selective listening:

To use this redundancy:
- Servers and clients have to autologon to the second server additionally.
- Clients use the servers depending on priority (client rules from autologon rules with lower number have higher priority).
- If the client rule is not active at the first server, the second server will be used automatically.

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