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Installation and start of ApplicGate on Windows
- Copy ApplicGate.exe to a new directory (e.g. C:\ApplicGate).
- Within a command window running as Administrator issue the command "ApplicGate.exe /install" .
- Then all necessary files (with a sample configuration of routing.csv and groups.csv) will be written to the directory where ApplicGate.exe is stored.
- Hint:
-- You can store your customized routing.csv and groups.csv files before you start the installation because existing files will not be overwritten.
-- "ApplicGate.exe /install:EAS" installs sample configuration files for EAS: routing.csv and groups.csv
- The scheduled task ApplicGate will be created and started (runs as SYSTEM).
- Start your browser with to access ApplicGate!

Detailed description:

Start of program:
Argument 1: File name of Routing Table (if full path is omitted, path of exe file will be used) or /help
Argument 2 (optional): File name of Group Table (full path or path of argument 1 is used)
Argument 3 (optional): File name for Backup configuration
e.g. ApplicGate.exe routing.csv groups.csv
Note: When using .NET version 6.0 or higher: dotnet ApplicGate.dll routing.csv groups.csv

Usually the Application Gateway runs within a Scheduled Task:
Build a .bat file, eg. ApplicGate.bat (example see below):
@echo off
set AGstart=ApplicGate.exe routing.csv groups.csv
echo %Date% %Time% ApplicGate starting: %AGstart%
echo %Date% %Time% Errorlevel: %errorlevel%
if not "%errorlevel%" == "1" goto exit
echo %Date% %Time% ApplicGate restarting: %AGstart%
goto restart
echo %Date% %Time% ApplicGate stopped!
Then let it start every 5 minutes during the whole day (to allow automatic recovery from unhandled exceptions),
for error logging redirect the output of the batch file to a .txt file.
The content of ApplicGate.xml for import into the Task Scheduler can be found here.

List of Error Levels of ApplicGate.exe:
0 ... Stopped via web interface
1 ... Restart request via web interface
2 ... Cannot load Routing table (see log file)
3 ... Cannot load Group table (see log file)
4 ... Arguments are missing, usage will be displayed
6 ... Cannot open log file in default directory

Commmon ports (services) should be disabled on the system.

Hint to install a new version of the program:
- Rename old program file(s)
- Copy new version of program files(s)
- Issue restart via web interface

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