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Update of the active .exe file (Windows) or .dll and .runtimeconfig.json file (Windows and Linux) of the Application Gateway using keyword UPDATE:version

version is on optional parameter and should be specified only if an upgrade of ApplicGate to a new .NET version is requested, e.g. UPDATE:4.8.
If the parameter version is specified the current ApplicGate version will not be checked by the server and the files will be downloaded in any case (if found).
The installation of the correct version of .NET must be done before updating ApplicGate! Switching between .NET Framework and .NET 6.0 or higher is not supported.
If the parameter version is not specified the update process will request a new version of ApplicGate with the same .NET version as currently used.

Prerequisites for the server (sends the new file(s) ):
- The new version of the file(s) must be stored in the subdirectory Update of the default directory of the server (Windows or Linux).
- Syntax for builds with .NET Framework (running on Windows only):
-- ApplicGate_NETvnetversion_MajorVersion.MinorVersion.BuildNumber.Revision.exe
-- e.g. ApplicGate_NETv4.8_10.2.7719.24585.exe
- Syntax for builds with .NET Core, .NET 6.0 or higher (running on Windows and Linux):
-- ApplicGate_NETvnetversion_MajorVersion.MinorVersion.BuildNumber.Revision.dll and
-- ApplicGate_NETvnetversion_MajorVersion.MinorVersion.BuildNumber.Revision.runtimeconfig.json
-- e.g. ApplicGate_NETv6.0_10.2.7718.31657.dll and ApplicGate_NETv6.0_10.2.7718.31657.runtimeconfig.json
- A reverselogon rule must exist.
- If the reverselogon rule should allow only the update function: DestinationIP must contain the string updonly. e.g.
SourceIP ;GatewayIP ;GatewayPort;GatewayIP2  ;DestinationIP;DestinationPort;Expiration;Type          ;UID;Comment               ;eMail
* ;* ;447 ;reverselogon;updonly ; ; ;SSL:server.cer; ;Repository for Updates;

Prerequisites for the client to receive the new .exe file (Windows) or .dll and .runtimeconfig.json files (Linux):
- a autologon rule must exist (GatewayIP can be "client", any rule or "*"), the keyword UPDATE must be specified.
- Note: If GatewayIP is "*" this autologon rule can be used only for the UPDATE function. e.g. get the update from the ApplicGate web site via the Internet
SourceIP ;GatewayIP;GatewayPort;GatewayIP2;DestinationIP          ;DestinationPort;Expiration;Type                                     ;UID;Comment          ;eMail
autologon;* ;* ; ;;447 ; ;UPDATE,; ;Update ApplicGate;

Download of new version:
- At the client: Click the UPDATE keyword in the routing table (you must have manage rights on the client).
- Then the client sends a download request to the server with the requested .NET version and the current version of ApplicGate.
- The server checks if there is a newer version available that is built for the requested .NET Framework.
- After successful download the temporary .exe/.dll file will be executed on the client to see if it is ok.
The download status can be checked via Status of Update
When the download is complete the activation can/must be done manually via the offered "Restart" link (command updres):
Following functions will be executed:
.NET Framework (Windows only):
- Renaming of the active .exe file to .exe_yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss_old
- Renaming of the new temporary .exe file to the correct target file
- Restart to activate the new .exe file.
.NET 6.0 or higher (Windows and Linux):
- Renaming of the active .dll file to .dll_yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss_old and .runtimeconfig.json file to .runtimeconfig.json_yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss_old
- Renaming of the new temporary .dll and .runtimeconfig.json file to the correct target file
- Restart to activate the new .dll file .

- ApplicGate has to be started via a bat/bash file that restarts ApplicGate.exe or ApplicGate.dll when it terminates with exit code 1, see installation on Windows and Linux.
- The .exe/.dll file of the client may have any name.

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