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Hints for browser settings:

In order to allow Edge to access the Application Gateway via loopback addresses (127.n.n.n):
- See section NetIsolation for Edge of Miscellaneous Tools

Chromium blocks some ports (see list) with error message ERR_UNSAFE_PORT.
To allow these ports start Chromium or MS Edge Chromium with switch --explicitly-allowed-ports e.g.

If the autologon client feature is used and shortcuts with .rdp, vnc and .bat files are generated:
- Use the keyword SCST to start the files by Applicgate or
- Ensure that the browser can download and execute these files:
-- Add the local web site (for the default autologon client configuration this is to the trusted site list of the browser and any security software such as McAfee WebAdvisor.
-- or use ApplicGate WebView

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