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Remark: All included/excluded features can be found here

Protocol independent routing (TCP/IP and UDP/IP) used for e.g. RDP, File Share (SMB,CIFS), DNS
- UDP Tunneling to send UDP packets via encrypted and authenticated connections
- IPv6 support and conversion between IPv4 and IPv6

Protocol dependent routing such as
- FTP and Oracle

Additional Authentication for (web) servers using
- Certificates (smartcards and soft certificates), see schema
- One-Time Password (OTP) via email or SMS, see schema
- Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) with Authenticators, see schema
- Web Authentication (WebAuthn), FIDO2, see schema
- RADIUS, see schema
- OAuth 2.0, see schema

Logon to Application Gateway
- Logon using Certificates, OTP, TOTP, OAuth 2.0, FIDO2 or RADIUS, see schema

- Web Proxy (forward and reverse), see forward schema and reverse schema
- Secure Access Hub, see schema
- SAP Router, see schema
- SIP (Voice over IP) Proxy, see overview

Web Server
- Web Server, see schema
- CGI Common Gateway Interface
- File Synchronization via web site, see schema
- AD Password Setting via web page, see schema

ApplicGate Message Queue
- Message Queues to send messages and files asynchronously

Remote Service Platform
- Access remote sites, see schema
- Access remote web sites, see schema
- VPN client with ApplicGate WebView
- RSP Wizard for easy RSP project creation

Special functions
- Exchange Active Sync (EAS) Gateway, see schema
- SMTP processing, see schema
- Honeypot for FTP, Telnet etc.

and much more ...

see also Building blocks of the Application Gateway

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