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List of keywords within Type field (Caution: Not all combinations are allowed!):

- All keywords are upper case (case sensitive). These strings must not be part of values of keywords such as webroot or login-groups. Otherwise unexpected behaviour may occur!
- Keywords must be separated by comma (,). If keyword values contain commas, the whole keyword value must be surrounded by quotation marks (").
- If a keyword value surrounded by quotation marks should contain quotation marks: The quotation marks must be doubled.
- Keyword values must not contain semicolons (;).
- If a keyword has a leading # it is treated as comment and not processed, but the syntax check by chktyp will be done.

KEYW1:abc, KEYW2:"a,b,c", KEYW3:abc"def, KEYW4:"abc""def" , KEYW5:"a b c ", KEYW6:a b c , KEYW7

Keywords in group "Settings":
- These keywords are valid only in routing entries where GatewayIP2=manage.
- They should be specified only once (except keyword PROXY) and they are valid system-wide.
- They are processed independent of state (PRM, BCK, BCS, BCA), except keyword PROXY.
- The keyword PROXY is processed only if the routing entry is active.

Number of keywords: x

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