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Version 12.0.8807.35217 (Built: 2024-02-11 19:33:54)
Built for .NETFramework,Version=v4.8

Features in this build (detailed help is avalable if the feature is included):

Symbol Included Feature
ACTKeyword ACT: Activate rules to source (experimental feature)
AGMQApplicGate Message Queue, see details (needs Srv)
AGWVSupport of ApplicGate WebView, see details
ALCSupport of rules with autologon client: requests and load rules from the server (needs RSP)
BCKBackup (hot standby) configuration, see details (needs Srv)
CKSSpecial checks via keywords CHK+x, CHK-x, rCHK, FIRSTE
CNTLMNTLM proxy support, see details
COClickOnce support (only for .NET Framework), see details
EASExchange Active Sync, see details (needs Srv)
ECHOEcho and honeypot: FTP, Telnet, SESAM, SMTP, SSRP etc., see details
EXCExchange support with keywords CERTMATCH and EPMAP
FTPFTP support (active and passive)
LANMANLanman Server Startup Type, see details
LOGONLogon processing, support of keyword FIRSTT, reverselogon with TOTP and OAuth, see details
MIMSupport of keyword MIM, Man In the Middle (needs PRX)
MXSupport of @ in DestinationIP to address MX servers, see details
NIENetwork Isolation for Edge (obsolete)
OAUOAuth2 support on server, see details (needs OTP)
OAUCOAuth2 support on autologon client, see details (does not need OTP)
OLDTLSThe old TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are supported (obsolete)
ORAOracle support, see details
OTPOne-Time-Passwort (OTP), TOTP, Radius and FIDO2 support on server (needs LOGON)
PERFPerformance Monitoring, keyword PERFMON
PRJUPDRSP Wizard, see details (needs Srv)
PRXProxy support, keyword PRX
PSPowerShell Support to generate certificates for MIM (needs MIM, only for .NET Framework)
RLCSupport of rules with reverselogon client: sends rules to the client (needs RSP)
RSPRemote Service Platform: Support of incoming and forward rules, see details, keywords DOCURL, GENINC, REVPR, SHORTCUT, SRVM, SRVS, UIDN, LISTEN, NOLISTEN, STARTLISTEN, STOPLISTEN
SAPRSAP Router support, see details
SESAMSupport for additional authentication with se.SAM and certificates, keyword CCR2 and SSLCC2
SETPWSet Password via web page, see details (only for .NET Framework)
SIGNSupport of keywords SIGNRQ and SIGNRESP
SIPSIP support (needs needs UDP)
SMTPSMTP (and SPAM) processing
SrvServer functions: includes web server, schema Gifs, web update etc. (Excluded in VPN clients.)
UDPUDP support
X11X11 support

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