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Version History:
2024-02-10: New entries for the ClickOnce policy: allowedhosts and servercheck.
2024-02-10: New ClickOnce parameter servercheck.
2024-01-22: New Query Parameters ?last and ?lastDelPrev for web server.
2023-12-28: Keyword PASSR:password ... Password to read from web server, also for ApplicGate Message Queue (optional).
2023-11-05: Backup configuration must be stored in a file, Registry is no more supported.
2023-10-24: New deserialization for OAuth2 keys; optional export of DLLs for JSON
2023-09-23: Keyword REFRQ:seconds ... only if GatewayIP2=manage or status, parameter seconds is optional. Refresh agmqsa every specified number of seconds.
2023-09-04: Keyword PASSW:password ... ApplicGate Message Queue: Password on receiver side.
2023-09-02: Keyword MAXBS:bytes ... Maximum buffer size (byte) for configuration data upload in manage sessions.
2023-08-25: Change sort order of User List (for OTP etc.) by clicking field eMail in list header.
2023-08-21: Upload Groups Table and Routing Table via web interface.
2023-08-15: Update MediaTypes.txt and SpamKw.txt via web interface.
2023-08-14: Set Lanman Server Startup Type
2023-07-18: Upload RSP project definition .csv file: File selection or drag&drop.
2023-07-07: Version is now 12.0
2023-07-05: Access ApplicGate Message Queue content via manage sessions.
2023-06-24: New Query Parameters ?list and ?next for web server.
2023-06-02: New feature RSP Wizard ... Wizard to delegate RSP project creation (self-service).
2023-05-14: Keyword LDAC:mode ... new mode "*" to allow loading of rules without client authentication.
2023-04-03: New feature: ApplicGate Message Queue ... send messages and files asynchronously
2023-04-03: For web server: Query parameter s for search patterns and first to get first file of directory
2023-03-28: Keyword NOSM ... do not show SMS or email selection at initial logon window (otp.htm).
2023-03-28: Keyword FIDO2:RelyingPartyID[!transport] ... Web Authentication (WebAuthn), FIDO2.
2023-03-14: Templates for TOTP: totpasksecretemail.htm and totpasksecretsms.htm replaced by totpasksecret2.htm
2023-02-26: Authentication with se.SAM for ClickOnce Autologon Clients.
2023-02-01: ClickOnce Policy for browser, oa2, server, sslcc, title
2023-01-25: Keyword SRVM:EmailAddresses ... grants manage rights for autologon clients.
2023-01-25: Keyword SRVS:EmailAddresses ... grants status rights for autologon clients.
2023-01-14: Group Nesting: Groups may contain groups. The maximum nesting depth of groups is 5.
2023-01-02: Menu items "Tools" and "Help" enhanced
2022-12-27: New page for System Settings
2022-12-21: Keyword LGTIME ... removed (Now timestamp in log records is standard.)
2022-12-20: Keyword TTLDEF:ttldef ... Default maximum idle time (TTL) of any link in minutes (replaces setting in DestinationPort of manage entries).
2022-12-20: Keyword MAXS:maxsessions ... Maximum number of sessions allowed (replaces setting in DestinationIP of manage entries).
2022-12-14: Version is now 11.2: ApplicGate WebView integration in ApplicGate Autologon Client.
2022-12-05: Email notification for expired reverselogon certificates.
2022-11-05: Selection of IP version in ICMP and TCP tests.
2022-11-02: The field GatewayIP in the routing table can contain more than one IP address. Details can be found here.
2022-09-19: Keyword TTL ... For logon sessions: Computation of time interval to send keepalive messages has been changed.
2022-08-10: Keyword DIRLIST:parameter ... new optional parameter "DelB" to show delete buttons to delete files.
2022-07-14: Keyword SSL:localhost ... new option localhost
2022-07-07: Keyword FWD ... enhanced to support OAuth 2.0 in combination with reverse proxy.
2022-06-27: Keyword START:filename[!M]... for echo function with keyword SMTP: start process (filename) after completion of mail storage.
2022-06-10: CHAP support for RADIUS.
2022-06-09: Keyword STARTLISTEN ... restart listening when it has been stopped by keyword STOPLISTEN.
2022-06-07: When the logon function is used and JavaScript is disabled at the client: A warning message will be shown (see file otp.htm).
2022-05-16: Keyword SMTP:server ... SMTP honeypot (for echo function).
2022-05-01: Keyword CCRE:EmailAddresses ... to check Email forwarded in http header Email by FWCC
2022-04-26: Automatic generation of forms for various authentication options
2022-04-26: Keyword TOTP ... optional for OTPR, to select authentication by Authenticator (TOTP)
2022-04-19: Keyword RADIUS:grouplist ... RADIUS authentication, grouplist is a list of RADIUS groups (names must start with "R_") separated by |
2022-04-06: Keyword CKGRP:cookiegroup$domain ... to define domain-wide cookies.
2022-04-02: Keyword OTPF:filename ... optional, select start web page for OTP, TOTP and OAuth 2.0.
2022-03-31: Now the keywords OTPU:EmailAddresses and OA2U:EmailAddresses have the same meaning and can be interchanged.
2022-03-31: Keyword CKGRP:cookiegroup ... to configure cookie handling for OTP, TOTP and OAuth 2.0.
2022-03-17: Log off link when logged on to Application Gateway.
2022-03-11: Default encryption protocols for the keywords SSL and SSLTARGET changed to TLS12 and TLS13.
2022-03-11: Keyword TLSC:protocols ... When acting as client: list of supported encryption protocols : TLS10, TLS11, TLS12 or TLS13 (separated by | ).
2022-03-03: Keyword PROXY:address:port ... for manage entries: proxy to be used when loading OAuth 2.0 keys
2022-02-17: For authorization OTP groups are supported in groups and various keywords such as CCR, CCRF, CCRI, DELETE, OA2U, OTPU.
2022-02-17: Keyword OA2 ... authentication with OAuth 2.0 for logon, manage, status, web, and web destinations
2022-02-02: Successfully tested with Windows 11
2022-01-31: Keyword OA2 ... authentication with OAuth 2.0 for autologon/reverselogon
2021-12-27: Version is now 11.1: Code adjusted to be compatible with .NET 6.0.
2021-11-27: autologon/reverselogon links support UTF8 encoding.
2021-11-21: KeywordOA2REDIR: Define redirection for OAuth 2.0 test.
2021-11-21: Now keyword CHKCC is the default. To disable email checking specify the keyword NOCHKCC.
2021-11-02: Keyword RDPD:drives ... for manage entries: modify drive redirection for RDP shortcuts
2021-09-17: Web server supports single range requests for file download.
2021-08-14: Keyword LISTEN ... Listening for this rule (overrides NOFWDLISTEN, NOLISTEN and STOPLISTEN).
2021-08-10: Function only for initialization of the authenticator (no forwarding to a service).
2021-08-08: For network deployed ClickOnce installations: New function in "Stop" menu to Change ClickOnce parameters and restart.
2021-07-26: For network deployed ClickOnce installations: New function in "Stop" menu to update ApplicGate.
2021-06-26: In forward routing entries a list of computers is supported in DestinationIP. See example here.
2021-06-25; Keyword RDRW:filename ... only if GatewayIP2=web: sends filename (must be html coded) if the requested file could not be found.
2021-05-27: Enhanced Test page: Timely response for tracert and ping.
2021-05-10: Version is now 11.0: Separate builds for ApplicGate Server and ApplicGate VPN Client are available now.
2021-05-07: Addional parameters for shortcuts with share: are supported.
2021-05-03: Scheduled restarts of ApplicGate, see here.
2021-04-30: Enhanced console window for VPN clients.
2021-04-20: Keyword MSG:messagegroups now also for GatewayIP2=reverselogon to transmit messages to the remote systems.
2021-03-28: Logon processing changed: Keyword REFR is no more valid, use keyword TTL instead.
2021-03-20: New option X for CGI.
2021-03-14: For command statea ... option to list only EAS entries where the user is not in AD (for housekeeping).
2021-03-14: Commands to list and delete EAS user entries where UPN or account is missing, see EAS section here.
2021-03-08: Processing of keyword APATH:apath enhanced.
2021-02-26: Keyword BCKUPD to allow update of backup (hot standby) configuration via web interface for manage connections when not accessed via loopback address.
2021-02-20: User defined templates for EAS device blocking mails and new access types I and X for keyword EASACL.
2021-02-11: The keywords RDR, RDRA, RDRF and RDRX can work with default templates.
2021-02-10: Values for keyword STATP are no more supported. Now command routus lists correct entries when accessed via keyword STATP.
2021-01-26: New commands LoadGo and LoadRo to restore and load previous group and route table, see here.
2021-01-17: Keyword CHKEUID:uid ... experimental feature for routing entries loaded to autologon clients: link with specified UID must be active and email must match
2021-01-14: A detailed keyword check will be done after any routing entry update via web. A specific entry can be checked with command chktypid or via form chktyp.
2021-01-12: New optional parameters "issuer" and "clientcert" for keyword SSLTARGET:targetHost[!issuer[!clientcert[/parameter]]]
2020-12-30: New function Management of remote computers via autologon.
2020-12-13: Keyword LDLD:filter!email!template ... now with new optional parameters email and template for email notification
2020-12-07: Keyword TOTP:[email][!SecurityID] ... for autologon and reverselogon routing entries to support TOTP authentication.
2020-11-29: With shortcuts starting with"cmd:" or "cmdb:" commands can be configured directly.
2020-11-25: Version is now 10.2: Shortcut processing enhanced, e.g. UltraVNC and RealVNCC are supported now. An overview can be found here.
2020-11-12: Keyword SCSH ... for autologon routing entries: use documentation and shortcuts via file shares (if available)
2020-11-05: If the keyword STATP is defined without value: status commands are sent via the existing logon session
2020-11-05: Keyword RVM is no more valid for logon routing entries, use keyword RVS instead.
2020-10-07: Updates of ApplicGate are available via the Internet, a configuration example can be found here
2020-09-01: If the state of an incoming rule changes (because of a timer): Now the state change will be signalled to the server.
2020-08-18: Keyword REFRU:seconds ... Refresh uidall and uidlog every specified number of seconds. If seconds are not specified: refresh every TINT interval.
2020-08-03: Enhanced favicon support.
2020-07-31: Spam handling by the internal mail thread.
2020-07-27: Keyword CCRF:emails to check certificate forwarded by FWCC is supported by reverselogon routing entries.
2020-07-22: For debugging: When a session terminates some data will be saved. Via autologon links the latest termination data will be sent. It can be seen via Status/Reverselogon/Statistics.
2020-07-22: Keyword MSG:messagegroups ... to display text in logon windows.
2020-07-22: Mouse-over time configurations in timer groups will show the status.
2020-07-20: Echo function of the management interface (menu item Test/Echo).
2020-07-18: Keyword NODELAY ... only if GatewayIP2=manage: Disables the Nagle algorithm on all TCP connections.
2020-07-10: Keyword CCRBLK:EmailAddresses ... block list (only in combination with keyword CCR).
2020-05-22: New command ag.log ... to get ApplicGate.log (Windows) or systemctl status (Linux).
2020-05-15: Generation of web pages with navigation to display images with keyword DIRLIST.
2020-05-03: Keyword GETMON ... retrieve performance data via manage and status links.
2020-04-29: Selectable categories for Keywords help.
2020-04-20: Timer Group support added to autologon routing entries.
2020-04-06: Keyword SCST ... for manage and status entries: when clicking a shortcut ApplicGate starts the file (.bat, .rdp., .vnc) directly (no more a web link)
2020-04-06: Keyword CIFS ... ask for administrative rights if needed
2020-03-28: Network tests enhanced, see Keyword TST.
2020-03-22: Keyword STO:time .... time (specified in seconds) is the interval to wait for send completion on TCP sessions.
2020-03-22: Keyword KILLS ... for autologon routing entries: If an autologon client session terminates, the dependent sessions will be terminated.
2020-03-22: Keyword KEEPALIVE:time!interval ... KeepAliveTime and KeepAliveInterval in seconds.
2020-03-21: Keyword FLG:state ... new option "nolog" ... logging disabled
2020-03-20: Autologon Client with ClickOnce (VPN Client) enhanced.
2020-03-08: Builtin template for ReverseProxyError.htm.
2020-03-01: Keywords CCRI:EmailAddresses and ISSI:"issuer" to check authentication at incoming routing entries.
2020-02-22: Version is now 10.0: New functions (e.g. enhanced processing of forward rules and keywords for downloaded client rules) can bee seen here.
2020-02-02: All keywords for the echo function (ECHO, FTP, HTTP, NOECHO, PRTG, SESAM, SSRP, TELNET) have been moved from the comment field to the type field!
2020-01-25: Keyword SESAM:comx for raw access to se.SAM, keyword within comment field!
2020-01-20: UDP Tunneling with keyword UDP:option.
2020-01-12: Alternative (or Additional) Authentication.
2019-12-14: Keyword RDRX:filename[|fill] to send a file (must be html coded) if reverse proxy destination could not be mapped.
2019-12-12: SETPWD Quick activation.
2019-12-11: Keyword BACKLOG:number to set the maximum length of the pending connections queue (default is 10).
2019-12-07: Keyword CCRF:emails to check certificate forwarded by FWCC.
2019-11-28: Keyword GENINC:destination for autologon routing entries to generate incoming routing entries automatically.
2019-11-23: Experimental feature: Store Data.
2019-11-02: With keyword REFRH seconds can be specified. If specified AJAX will be used to update the data.
2019-10-31: Commands mailst, em.txt, and ot.txt, see Additional_Commands.
2019-10-31: On Linux One-Time Password can be sent via SMS, see keyword SENDOTP.
2019-10-31: Keyword OTPUPD to enable creation and update of OTP entries via web interface for manage and status connections.
2019-10-27: Update of OTPlist.csv via web interface.
2019-10-27: Notification mail when OTP entry expires: See keyword TEXO in group Notify.
2019-10-23: Notification of users before routing table entries and groups expire has been corrected.
2019-10-16: OTP and TOTP Quick activation.
2019-10-11: Support of Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) authentication.
2019-10-11: Keyword TOTPM:filename to allow sending of One-time password via internal mail thread.
2019-09-25: Installation of ApplicGate on Windows simplified by using the start parameter /install.
2019-09-20: Configuration of group NOTIFY via web interface with special form.
2019-09-17: Configuration of group LICENSE, NOTIFY and TITLE via web interface implemented.
2019-09-14: UID list extended with last usage data, keyword NOUMON to disable recording of last usage of a routing entry within the UID list.
2019-09-14: Version is now 9.3: Mail sending integrated.
2019-08-16: Reververselogon Statistics (ReverselogonData.csv) are now synchronized to backup ApplicGate.
2019-08-12: Additional command chktyp added: Check all keywords in type field of routing table.
2019-08-08: Routing table entries support groups in field eMail.
2019-08-06: Activation and deactivation of group table entries (new field "Expiration" in group table) via Timer Groups.
2019-08-06: Version is now 9.2: Timer processing reorganized.
2019-07-25: Activation and deactivation of routing table entries via Timer Groups.
2019-06-24: Optional maxSize attribute for filters specifed in keyword STARTP.
2019-06-13: Keyword DELETE:EmailAddresses to allow deletion of files e.g. for file synchronization.
2019-05-24: Support of ClickOnce for Autologon Clients.
2019-05-23: Keyword SSLCC enhanced to support certificate selection based on email address, see also Certificate Loading.
2019-05-16: Keyword UPDATE has an optional version parameter now.
2019-05-10: License types added.
2019-05-02: New appearance and new style color settings, default STYLE changed from 2 to 3.
2019-04-18: New names and directory for stored files for UPDATE, see here.
2019-04-02: Version is now 9.1: Code adjusted to be compatible with .NET Core 2.2. Therefore AppliGate can run on Unix systems now.
2019-03-26: Routing table entries can be created and updated via web interface, details can be found here.
2019-03-14: Keyword STARTG:parameterlist and STARTP:parameterlist ... implement a Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
2019-02-26: Keyword RTG:rtglist ... used to restrict display of routing entries.
2019-02-26: Link to parent directory with DIRLIST now as relative link.
2019-02-06: All reasonable combinations of functions with autologon and incoming are now implemented and can be found here.
2019-01-28: Cascading autologon configurations are now supported: incoming and forward may be combined in one rule.
2019-01-21: Documentation for routing field UID enhanced.
2019-01-14: Handling of NetIsolation for Edge, for manage entries see links here.
2019-01-12: Keyword NOLISTEN, syntax of keyword STOPLISTEN changed.
2019-01-10: Notes on certificate generation and sample PowerShell script for certificate generation.
2019-01-10: incoming rules with keyword PRX now support keyword MIM.
2018-12-27: TLS support for REVPR added.
2018-12-22: For incoming connections the status command shows a link to the client certificate (if any) in field Gateway IP.
2018-12-22: For outgoing connections the status command lists the Destination Name with a link to the remote server certificate (if any).
2018-12-18: Keyword MIMCA:certificate[/CU][/LM] added to define CA certificate for certificate generation.
2018-12-10: Keyword AUTOH for function SIGNRQ added, examples for Ajax with SIGNRQ added.
2018-12-06: Parameters for keyword SIGNRQ added: respOk|respErr
2018-12-06: Keyword STICKY to define sticky menus in the web interface (manage, status or login routing entries).
2018-12-06: New Link Status Search page and new Test page.
2018-12-06: New web interface (manage, status and login routing entries) using HTML5 and with CSS. Further information can be found here.
2018-12-06: Major version is now 9.
2018-10-23: Keyword HLP ... is now vaild for web links also
2018-10-22: RtUID history introduced, will be shown in detailed link status
2018-10-12: Reverse Proxy entries can addresss local rules where SourceIP is "incoming".
2018-10-08: Keyword LDLD:filter ... log downloaded files
2018-10-05: Keyword POSTR:filename ... specify html file to be returned after successful post
2018-09-28: Shortcuts within forward entries now with color code.
2018-09-24: Integrated help enhanced.
2018-09-01: Major version is now 8.
2018-07-27: Command to list groups: groupsgroupname accepts one or more "*" as wildcards, e.g. groups*L*
2018-07-10: Default STYLE changed from 0 to 2.
2018-07-10: Keyword REFRH ... refresh home page every TINT interval
2018-06-27: favicon.ico support for manage and status connections.
2018-06-03: Reverse proxy using htto header "Host" with keyword PRX.
2018-05-29: For OTP the post method is supported in otp.htm and otp2.htm.
2018-05-28: For cookie appgwsessionid the flags "Secure; HttpOnly" will be set.
2018-05-28: Keyword ADDH:param ... add http response headers.
2018-05-25: Keyword HSTS:param ... set "Strict Transport Security Policy".
2018-05-25: Usage checking and links for groups in eMail field of groups.
2018-05-24: Now wildcard processing with more than one * is supported for SourceIP, CCR, EASACL, OTPU etc.
2018-05-24: New field eMail as ACL for group table update via status links, details can be found here.
2018-05-09: Group table entries can be created and updated via web interface, details can be found here.
2018-05-07: New format for group Notify, new keywords such as REPLYTO.
2018-04-26: Group table entries are sorted now.
2018-04-26: Keyword PERFMON: New values for monitoring (same as for PRTG)
2018-04-20: Keyword PRTG for PRTG monitoring via HTTP (for echo function, keyword within comment field!)
2018-04-12: OTP problem fixed: Now using lock when accessing Random.
2018-03-03: Command loadmt to load media types as defined in file MediaTypes.txt (see Media Type Handling).
2018-02-27: Keywords SIGNRQ and SIGNRESP to request and check user certificates via TLS sessions. Helper for web sites to request client certificates.
2018-01-30: Commands mediat* and mediattype added (see Media Type Handling).
2018-01-29: Default Media Type changed to "application/octet-stream".
2018-01-29: Major version is now 7.

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